Mahoning Presbyterian Church
Danville, PA

We hope that you've enjoyed browsing through our church
information and getting to know Mahoning. We would love to
have you join us for worship, stop in at the Muffin Man in
Riverside on "Church Ladies " Day or lend a hand at Jubilee
Kitchen. You also might be interested in knowing that we are
planning to renew a Primary Sunday School in the next few
weeks so if you have an interest/need please let us know. The
numbers that people can be reached are:

Maxine Rodenhaver: co-clerk of session - 275-1332
Julia Warner: Treasurer - 275-2698
Nancy Styer: President, Women's Association - 275-0209
Linda Pritchard: Jubilee Kitchen - 271-1260


In this place the Lord confronts us with the Gospel.
Come join us in proclaiming God's good news to the