Mahoning Presbyterian Church
Danville, Pennsylvania
The Women’s
The Women’s Association of Mahoning Presbyterian Church
meets monthly,
September through June at the Muffin Man in Riverside, PA at
10:30 AM on 3rd
Monday of each month. Our purpose as women sharing a
common faith in our Lord and Savior is to unite through the
church to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to demonstrate
His love in all areas of life, to declare our oneness with fellow
Christians everywhere and to grow in Christian faith and
responsibility. We shall seek to implement this purpose by
study, prayer, and service, supporting with our giving the work
of the Board of National Missions, the Board of Christian
Education and, and the Commission on Ecumenical Mission
and Relation. Our officers are as follows: President - Nancy
Styer, Vice-President - Linda Pritchard, Secretary -
Maxine Rodenhaver, General Treasurer - Betty Irving, Mission
Treasurer - Julia Warner. Julia Warner is responsible for the
Mission CD.
Our meetings open with devotions followed by a Bible study.
We use the Horizon Bible study that is published by
Presbyterian Women of the Presbyterian Church, USA. We
have had some interesting discussions over the years as we
have studied Esther, Ruth and Naomi,
Jonah, Luke’s Gospel for the poor and many women in the
Bible for things they said and did not say but did. A short
business meeting is held followed by lunch.
We have two major fund-raisers each year; a Fall bazaar and
a Spring rummage sale. Both activities bring us closer
together as sisters in Christian love and allow us to assist
financially in renovations needed for our church. There is lots
of food,
crafters with their specialized crafts, baked  goods,
plants,  a Chinese auction and rummage items in the former
gathering and soup, baked goods and rummage items in the
Our Mission giving locally includes Jubilee Kitchen,
Community Christmas Tree, Danville State Hospital, the
Montour County Food Bank and the Gate House. We have
supported mission work in Nepal through a friend of the
church. We participated in the Presbyterian Women Palm
Project for the establishment of palm plantations in the Congo,
the Warren Wilson College, Hurricane Mitch Disaster Relief in
Central America, SHACK in 1995 and Earth Day Offering.
If you are interested in renewing your faith and making new
friends, please call Nancy Styer @275-0209, Linda Pritchard
@ 271-1260 or Maxine Rodenhaver @ 275-1322.