Thomas Beaver
Thomas Beaver was born to the Reverend Peter and Elizabeth Gilbert Beaver on
November 16, 1814, in Pfout’s Valley (now Perry County), Pennsylvania, .  His father, a
Methodist minister, and his mother were both of German ancestry.
In 1859, he and fellow trustee Isaac Waterman purchased the Danville Iron and Steel
Works.  He remained a co-owner until 1876, when he sold his holdings and retired.  
Generosity marked his later life .  In 1888, thanks to a donation from Beaver, Danville
erected the Thomas Beaver Free Library and YMCA Building and celebrated its
opening with fireworks and a parade.  Additionally, in 1889, Beaver donated $30,000
dollars to Dickinson College, with the money used to endow the Thomas Beaver Chair
of English Literature.  On May 19, 1891, Beaver died, survived by five children.  He is
buried with his wife in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.
Thomas Beaver donated the Hook and Hastings organ to Mahoning in 1882 and it
continues in use in our sanctuary. It is one of a few surviving such organs in the
country. He also donated the Howard town clock located in the belfry. The original
crank handle that wound the clock from 1880 to 1950 is on display in the church along
with a set of original clock hands.

The pipes and keyboard of the Hook and Hastings Organ donated
to Mahoning Presbyterian Church by Thomas Beaver
Mr. Donald Messimer, of Sunbury, is the organist/pianist.
Mahoning Presbyterian Church
Danville, PA